INJ & OP Whales Make a Big Splash in Tradecurve Pre-Sale!

• Tradecurve is a hybrid-exchange platform that combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges.
• Injective (INJ) has seen an increase in price since the beginning of the year, breaking a long-term resistance line in January.
• Tradecurve’s pre-sale is currently ongoing at an attractive price of $0.01 with analysts backing the token to reach $0.50 by launch.


The world of cryptocurrency is very competitive and projects that refuse to grow are easily forgotten as investors transition to newer projects which offer more use cases and innovation. One project that is poised to make waves in the Web3 industry is Tradecurve, a hybrid exchange platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, FX, and commodities from a single account.

Tradecurve Platform Features

Tradecurve will feature AI trading, copy trading, and a metaverse trading academy with higher leverage than its competitors starting at 500:1. Additionally, it will provide holders access to exclusive awards and bonuses on their trading accounts as well as options to stake their tokens for passive income and reduce trading/subscription fees for holders.

Injective Price Increase

Injective’s (INJ) price has increased since January 2021 when it broke a long-term resistance line resulting in a long lower wick which typically indicates bullish sentiment as buyers prevented the price from falling further. The INJ token is now nearing its $10.40 resistance level created by a combination of horizontal range patterns formed over several weeks in mid-April 2021.

Tradecurve Pre-Sale Details

The presale of Tradecurve is currently ongoing at an attractive price of $0.01 with analysts predicting that it could reach 50x value once completed – potentially reaching $0.50 by launch date!


Tradecurve’s hybrid exchange platform offers traders unprecedented access to multiple financial products all from one account while providing them rewards for holding its native TCRV token – making this project one worth watching closely!