A new action movie shows billions of dollars in stolen crypto coins

Crypto coin has a starring role in a new action movie about a casino robbery starring Adam Copeland, Denise Richards and Kelsey Grammer that premieres later this week.

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According to the trailer, „Money Plane“ (to be released July 10) is about a former gambler who is forced to steal a plane that is described as „a bulletproof air casino, untouchable by any government agency. Grammer’s character says the plane carries „up to a billion dollars in crypto-currency and millions of dollars in cash.

Although it is not identified which currencies are used for the plot, a screen shot shows that the Money Plane has at least $241 million in Bitcoin (BTC), $128 million in Ethereum (ETH), $70 million in Ripple (XRP), $13 million in Litecoin (LTC), and an undetermined amount of Iota (MIOTA).

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Screenshot from „Money Plane“ trailer

Screenshot of the „Money Plane“ trailer.

Reactions from the crypto community
Reddit user JokeOlantern said movies like Money Plane could help create greater visibility of digital assets, but wondered if it „would only show crypto currencies associated with casinos and dangerous criminals.

Others like user Micro56 had similar concerns about the disconnect between Hollywood and reality: „Media representations like these [are] almost a necessity to explain new technologies like crypts. I remember the ridiculous film/TV scenes that were used to show the Internet at the time.“

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Although cryptomontages have not achieved mass adoption by 2020, this seems to be the year of tokens on the big screen. Cointelegraph reported in June that Stampede Ventures would produce a film based on the best-selling book Bitcoin Billionaires, the story of Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss.