6 Million African Women to Receive Web3 & Metaverse Education

• Unstoppable Women of Web3 (WoW3) is launching an initiative to provide Web3 and metaverse education for six million women in Africa over the next five years.
• The initiative will consist of free digital identities, educational streams, online courses, in-person networking, and more.
• 19+ companies have partnered with WoW3 to help fund this project, including NFT Domains, Polygon Labs, Sankore 2.0, Unstoppable Domains, Uoma Beauty and Virtual Brand Group.

Unstoppable Women of Web3 Launches Initiative

Chainwire Unstoppable Women of Web3 has announced a commitment to providing web3 and metaverse education for six million African women over the next five years. This initiative is being launched in partnership with 19+ companies on 8th March to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Goals of the Initiative

The goal of this initiative is to bring more women into web3 and the metaverse by providing them with free digital identities as well as educational streams and courses. In addition, they will be provided with opportunities for in-person networking that are designed to empower them through learning about web3 technologies and the metaverse.

Partner Companies

The 19+ partner companies that have joined forces with Unstoppable Women of Web3 include the African Leadership Group, Africa Women CEOs Network, Chipper Cash, NFT Domains, Polygon Labs, Sankore 2.0 , Unstoppable Domains , Uoma Beauty , Virtual Brand Group and 17 other businesses . These partners will provide various forms of support such as funding for this project which aims to educate 6 million African women on web 3 technologies and the metaverse.

Expanding Access via Free Digital Identities

As a first step towards onboarding six million women into web 3 technology and the metaverse , WoW 3 along with Unstoppable Domains are expanding access to user – owned digital identity through free unstoppable domains . These domains like dranino . nft give users control over their own identity data , creating a portable reputation across both web 3 technology and the metaverse .

Educational Streams & Online Courses In order to meet this commitment , partner organizations will offer web 3 & metaverse education via various educational streams & programs . This includes master classes led by The African Leadership Group , CEO Education in Masterclass P from Africa Women CEOs Network & online courses from other partnering companies .