Winfield Scott Letters for the years 1848 thru 1861

Winfield Scott

Winfield Scott wrote 6 Letters from a total of 3 locations including Elizabethtown, NJ, New York, NY, and Washington, MD. Winfield Scott wrote a total of 4 people including Simon Cameron, and Gustavus Fox. Most of Winfield Scott's letters were written in the year 1861. Several other letters were written in 1856 and 1848. Who did Winfield Scott know? View Winfield Scott's social graph.



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  • Winfield Scott letter to Henry Clay.

    Elizabethtown, NJ - 19 July 1848

    It is now sixty days since I landed on the Jersey shore, with a Mexican disease upon me, and although obliged to travel and to engage in the most vexatious and disgusting work, I have not had the strength to walk three hundred yards

  • Winfield Scott letter to Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard.

    New York, NY - 9 December 1856

    I am much concerned to learn that you think of leaving the army, after acquiring, at an early age, so much distinction in it

  • Winfield Scott letter to Gustavus Fox.

    Washington, MD - 19 March 1861

    I request that you will have the goodness to proceed to Charleston, S. C., and obtain permission, if necessary, to visit Fort Sumter

  • Winfield Scott letter to Simon Cameron.

    Washington, MD - 9 August 1861

    Accordingly, I must beg the President, at the earliest moment, to allow me to be placed on the officers' retired list, and then quietly to lay myself up - probably forever

  • Winfield Scott letter to Simon Cameron.

    Washington, MD - 12 August 1861

    I deeply regret that, notwithstanding my respect for the opinions and wishes of the President, I can not withdraw the letter in question, for the following reasons

  • Winfield Scott letter to Simon Cameron.

    Washington, MD - 4 October 1861

    To suppress irregularity, more conspicuous in Major-General McClellan than in any other officer, I publish the following facts: