Letters written to John Laurens during the years 1776 thru 1782

John Laurens

6 Letters written to John Laurens from 6 author(s) including Nathanael Greene , and J Burnet from places such as , SC, Boston and New Windsor, NY. Who did John Laurens know?


  • William Drayton letter to John Laurens.

    , SC - 7 July 1776

    As a magistrate I yesterday presented myself at your door to have the honor of paying my respects to your Excellency

  • Benjamin Lincoln letter to John Laurens.

    Boston - 5 February 1781

    n compliance with your wish, that I would give you the outlines of the several movements I made in the Northern department, in the year 1777, after General Gates reassumed the command, to my being wounded on the 8th of October, I offer the following

  • George Washington letter to John Laurens.

    New Windsor, NY - 9 April 1781

    several interesting events have happened ; some favorable, others adverse. Among the former may be reckoned Morgan's brilliant action with Tarleton ; among the latter, the advantages gained by Lord Cornwallis over General Greene.

  • Charles Cornwallis letter to John Laurens.

    New York, NY - 25 November 1781

    I am very sorry that I had left York before General Washington and yourself did me the honour to call at my quarters.

  • Nathanael Greene letter to John Laurens.

    , SC - 2 April 1782

    It appears the enemy have it in contemplation to attack us in our divided state; they must inevitably ruin us. You will join the army, therefore, without loss of time.

  • J Burnet letter to John Laurens.

    , SC - 2 April 1782

    Since the General wrote you, this morning, he has conversed with the person mentioned in his letter ; he is impressed with the idea of the enemy's intending to advance immediately