Joseph Alston Letters for the years 1800 thru 1816

Joseph Alston

Joseph Alston wrote 8 Letters from a total of 4 locations including Charleston, SC, The Oaks, SC, and , SC. Joseph Alston wrote a total of 4 people including Aaron Burr, and Theodosia Alston. Most of Joseph Alston's letters were written in the year 1813. Several other letters were written in 1807 and 1812. Who did Joseph Alston know?


  • Joseph Alston letter to Theodosia Alston.

    Charleston, SC - 28 December 1800

    Aristotle says that a man should not marry before he is six-and-thirty: pray, Mr. Alston, what arguments have you to oppose to such authority? Hear me, Miss Burr.

  • Joseph Alston letter to Charles Pinckney.

    The Oaks, SC - 6 February 1807

    I have received and read the President's Message with deep mortification and concern; but the letter annexed to it, stated to be a communication in cyphers from Col. Burr to Gen. Wilkinson, excites my unfeigned astonishment.

  • Joseph Alston letter to Harman Blennerhassett.

    The Oaks, SC - 22 June 1807

    Col. Burr feels that he has not the smallest grounds of resentment against me ; he is perfectly satisfied ; nor does there exist a shadow of that animosity between us that you deprecate.

  • Joseph Alston letter to Aaron Burr.

    , SC - 26 July 1812

    he who was to have redeemed all your glory, and shed new lustre upon our families--that boy, at once our happiness and our pride, is taken from us-- 'is dead'. We saw him dead. My own hand surrendered him to the grave

  • Joseph Alston letter to Theodosia Alston.

    Columbia, SC - 15 January 1813

    Another mail, and still no letter! I hear, too, rumours of a gale off Cape Hatteras the beginning of the month! The state of my mind is dreadful.

  • Joseph Alston letter to Aaron Burr.

    Columbia, SC - 19 January 1813

    To-morrow will be three weeks since, in obedience to your wishes, Theodosia left me. It is three weeks, and not yet one line from her. My mind is tortured.

  • Joseph Alston letter to Aaron Burr.

    , SC - 25 February 1813

    It was there, in the chamber of my wife, where every thing was disposed as usual; with the clothes, the books, the play-things of my boy around me, that I sustained this second shock, doubled in a manner that I could not account for.

  • Joseph Alston letter to Aaron Burr.

    Charleston, SC - 16 February 1816

    I fully coincide with you in sentiment; but the spirit, the energy, the health necessary to give practical effect to sentiment, are all gone. I feel too much alone, too entirely unconnected with the world, to take much interest in any thing.