Letters written to Benjamin Franklin during the years 1751 thru 1785

Benjamin Franklin

12 Letters written to Benjamin Franklin from 3 author(s) including John Jay from places such as Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA and , VA. Who did Benjamin Franklin know?


  • letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    Boston, MA - 14 October 1751

    Abiah Franklin letter to son Ben... I did not rite to you last post but it was becase I was taken with the Stomak ake so bad all day that I coold not set up to rite on any account.

  • letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    unknown -

    Peter Franklin letter to brother Ben... I Have not met aney Good Opertunity to Send for that money, Desire youd Imbrace the first Good One that you Have.

  • letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    Philadelphia, PA - 21 February 1765

    Peter Franklin letter to Ben... Sister and Dear Salley, with a Number of Your Frends Lookd for advice From you By the December Packet.

  • letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    , VA - 13 August 1777

    Thomas Jefferson letter to Dr. Benjamin Franklin... With respect to the State of Virginia in particular, the people seem to have laid aside the monarchical, and taken up the republican government...

  • letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    Havre, FRA - 29 August 1779

    General Lafayette letter to Dr. Franklin ...the goodness of the United States to me has ever been such, that on every occasion it far surpasses any idea I could have conceived.

  • John Jay letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    Madrid, ESP - 30 October 1780

    Bills to the amount of 100,000 dollars have arrived. A loan cannot be effected here. What the court will do is as yet uncertain, and will long continue so.

  • John Jay letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    Madrid, ESP - 21 February 1781

    Affairs here begin to wear a better aspect. I am promised 3,000,000 rials, that is, 150,000 dollars, which, though inadequate to the demands upon me, is still a great consolation, especially as men who are at the pains of planting and watering trees,

  • John Jay letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    Madrid, ESP - 0 April 1781

    Notwithstanding my repeated and earnest applications to the Count de Florida Blanca, I have as yet been able to obtain only $34,880 of the 8150,000 expressly promised me in December last.

  • John Jay letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    Madrid, ESP - 9 July 1781

    A vessel has arrived at Bilboa, in twenty-four days from Salem. I received by her some family letters, which came from Bilboa under cover to a gentleman here.

  • John Jay letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    Passy, FRA - 11 September 1783

    I have no reason whatever to believe that you was averse to our obtaining the lull extent of boundary and fishery secured to us by the treaty.

  • John Jay letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    New York, NY - 4 October 1785

    It strikes me that you will find it somewhat difficult to manage the two parties in Pennsylvania. It is much to be wished that union and harmony may be established there, and if you accomplish it much honour and many blessings will result from it.

  • Thomas Jefferson letter to Benjamin Franklin.

    Paris, FRA - 5 October 1785

    We have no public news worth communicating to you, but the signing of preliminaries between the Emperor and Dutch. The question is, then, with whom the Emperor will pick the next quarrel.