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Special Collection

WWI Letters from Home to Horace King

Sarah King was the mother of a WWI veteran. During the last days of the war she wrote several letters to her son. As she writes to her son about the home front we get an interesting view into the daily life of an area that would some day become 'Silicon Valley'.
TypeDescriptionOrigination DateCity
letter Horace's mother relates news from ranch.1918-08-18Sunnyvale
letter Friend Oscar relates news from home about WWI.1918-09-02Palo Alto
letter Robert describes U.S. War Exposition in Chicago.1918-09-15Chigago
letter Sarah King relates news about ranch.1918-09-21Sunnyvale
letter Friend Helen relates visit to Horace's parents and tells of her work in the cannery.1918-09-22Sunnyvale
letter Sarah King relates news about neighbors and the poor state of the US servicemen's postal service.1918-09-25Sunnyvale
letter EW Cook relates news of his store and son Clifford.1918-09-25Palo Alto
letter Neighbors daughter describes her elopement and subsequent life.1918-10-01Berkeley
letter Sarah King relates news about ranch and friends.1918-10-12Sunnyvale
letter Sarah King reassures her son in the face of impending combat during WWI.1918-10-13Sunnyvale
letter Neighbor's son at Stanford relates stories military life there.1918-10-17Stanford
letter Sarah King reports on ranch and a tip to Palo Alto.1918-10-21Sunnyvale
letter Sarah King doubts if Horace will be home for Christmas.1918-10-28Sunnyvale
letter Sarah King learns of Horace's wounding in recent battle.1918-11-06Sunnyvale
letter Sarah King expresses joy over end of war.1918-11-15Sunnyvale
letter Sarah King tells of celebrations over wars end.1918-11-18Sunnyvale
letter Robert King asks that Horace find a way to stop and visit after his discharge.1919-03-10Chicago
letter Horace's friend 'Sutt' writes of life after discharge from Army.1919-04-27Tacoma