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Special Collection

Gail Endsley's Story

Gail Endsley was a young single mother in 1980 when a tragic car accident changed her life forever. Most of the documents below are from the years just before her accident when she lived with her two children in Sunnyvale, CA.
TypeDescriptionOrigination DateCity
document gail writes in her high school sweethearts yearbook 19641964-06-05Sunnyvale
document gail writes in yearbook of her senior year highschool sweetheart1965-06-05Sunnyvale
document Law offices of Gary Olimpia on dissolution of Gail's marriage.1975-02-19Sunnyvale
journal first entry in her journal1976-11-03Sunnyvale
journal Death of James Endsley1976-11-09Sunnyvale
journal gails birthday1976-11-22Sunnyvale
journal Gail writes about breakfast in bed etc1976-12-23Sunnyvale
journal Gail has a dream about death1977-01-24Sunnyvale
journal Gail has dream about her mother1977-02-07Sunnyvale
journal Gail has a dream about Horace King1977-04-03Sunnyvale
journal Gail has dream about Hayden1977-05-08Sunnyvale
journal Hayden1977-05-24Sunnyvale
journal Gail talks about a birthday celebration for her mother1977-06-24Sunnyvale
journal Gail discusses Hayden1977-06-25Sunnyvale
poem Gail writes poem of her husband1977-06-25Sunnyvale
journal Gail discusses Horace King1977-07-03Sunnyvale
journal The nuclear family1977-07-04Sunnyvale
journal Home and my life at that moment filled me with deep satisfaction1977-07-29Sunnyvale
journal Gail describes an un-birthday party for Hans1977-07-31Sunnyvale
journal movie reminds gail of her old life1977-08-01Sunnyvale
journal Gail relates funny story about her trip to L.A.1977-08-02Sunnyvale
journal Gail relates a few stories about her children1977-08-06Sunnyvale
journal Gail discusses everything from family, friends, ESP and lemonade stands.1977-08-09Sunnyvale
journal Gail talks about Uncle Mark dying and her own sense of mortality.1977-09-04Sunnyvale
journal Gail is in Bakersfield for Uncle Mark1977-09-05Sunnyvale
journal 'it does not matter if words are flowers or flattering when spoken to me or if they are mocking...'1977-09-10Sunnyvale
journal gail writes about her son, the cubscouts and finishing jr college1977-09-17sunnyvale
journal Gail Endsley Brough speaks on variety of topics including grief over her father's death1977-10-07Sunnyvale
journal Gail writes eulogy to pet cat Sam and speaks of family1977-10-08Sunnyvale
journal Gail's brief journal entry about selling her grandma king's house in Sunnyvale.1977-10-09Sunnyvale
journal gail talks about drug substance program courses she is taking at school1977-11-03sunnyvale
journal gail writes about 1 yr having past after her fathers death and other topics1977-11-09sunnyvale
journal gail writes about love after hayden and school1977-11-17sunnyvale
journal gail writes about a variety of subjects including family and the delancy st. foundation1977-11-24sunnyvale
letter gail writes her sister kathy of christmas present1977-12-25
journal hans1978-01-01
journal gail talks about a perfect fantasy1978-01-01
journal gail vents about philosophy class1978-01-10
journal gail talks about the feeling of home1978-02-05
journal gail has a bad day1978-04-01
journal gail talks about heidi1978-04-06
journal gail talks about a drug program for schools1978-04-12
journal gail talks about what is evil1978-09-01
journal charcoal soothes the spirit1978-09-09
journal Gail explores relationship with her mother Ruth1978-10-01
journal gail has a dream and talks of relationship1978-10-09
journal sleuth for a day1978-10-29
journal gail talks about christmas 19781978-12-01sunnyvale
journal a year in review1978-12-05sunnyvale
letter Gail writes to her cousin Jackie about death of Elsie Bass Endsley1979-03-06Sunnyvale
journal grandma endsleys death1979-03-18sunnyvale
journal last entry before the accident1979-05-02
letter gail endsley write her brother-in-law thanking him for hosting hans and heidi the previous summer1982-01-15santa clara
poem poem wriiten by gail1986-01-01
journal a visit to 19861986-02-02
memory michael endsley relates stories of his cousin gail1986-06-01santa clara
letter gail states she has given daniel endsley power to represent her in financial matters.1988-07-23santa clara
journal loose note written by gail about spending time in jail1989-09-01unknown
letter Gail writes to her son about his choice of majors in school and requests a lunch date1992-09-01San Jose
letter Gail writes of her loneliness and love for her children as well as her 'abduction' by the Board and Care home1992-09-14San Jose
article SF Chronicle article detailing fire in SJ residential-care facility.1996-02-06SanJose2
memory a trip to the dentist with gail1999-04-15san jose
memory memories of a walk with my mother gail endsley1999-06-01muir woods
obituary Obituary of Gail Endsley2001-03-14San Jose
memory a trip to the hospital2001-04-15san jose