Woodlawn Letters for the years 1827 thru 1830

3 Letters written from the place Woodlawn to 3 people including John Calhoun, and Henry Clay. Most letters from Woodlawn were written in the year 1827. Several other letters were written in 1828 and 1830.


  • letter to Alfred Balch.

    Woodlawn, VA - 14 December 1827

    WM. H. CRAWFORD letter to ALFRED BALCH...If I understand your letter, you appear to think a public expression of my opinion on the approaching election to be proper.

  • letter to Henry Clay.

    Woodlawn, VA - 28 February 1828

    William Crawford letter to Henry Clay... I hope you know me too well to suppose that I have countenanced the charge of corruption which has been reiterated against you. The truth is, I approved of your vote for Mr. Adams

  • letter to John Calhoun.

    Woodlawn, VA - 30 April 1830

    JOHN FORSYTH letter to J. C. CALHOUN...I have not a, distinct recollection of What I said to you, but I am certain there is error in your statement of that conversation to Mr...