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Family Library Definitions

Words and/or concepts as used throughout our family knowledge base:
Refers to the author of any particular media item. This does not neccessarily mean the author also contributed the item to this website. For example Sarah King authored several letters to her son Horace King but the letters were contributed by Hans Brough some eighty years later.
Refers to the indivual who posts a media item. Contributors do not neccessarily author the media item being posted.
Any one of the following items: article, autobiography, comment, document, journal, letter, memory, obituary, poem.
Any current or former family member listed on the site. For example Nimrod Hunter Endsley is a deceased family member mentioned several times on the site and is therefore catagorized as a 'Person' in the site's records. Because Nimrod died in the early part of the last century and has never used the site, to my knowlege, he can not be classified as a 'User'.
Refers to the individual who received the media item. Not every media item will have a recipient as in the case with journal entries.
A living person who is a member of the site and uses it's services. Some users are also catagorized as 'Persons'. For example Hans Brough is a family member mentioned on the site, a 'Person', but also a current member of the site and therefore considered a 'User' as well. What this boils down to is that Hans' biographical info is kept separately from his membership information.