John Adams Letters document,


Washington, 13 June. 1800.


I RECEIVED your favor of the 2d by Mr. Dexter, and this morning from Mr. Gerry an account of your health on the 4th, which have relieved me from some anxiety, as I had received no letter from you since you were in New York.

I have seen many cities and fine places since you left me, and particularly Mount Vernon. Mrs. Washington and her whole family very kindly inquired after your health and all your children, and sent many friendly greetings. I like the seat of government very well, and shall sleep or lie awake next winter in the President's house. I have slept very well on my journey, and been pretty well. An abundance of company and many tokens of respect have attended my journey, and my visit here is well received. Mr. Marshall and Mr. Dexter lodge with me at Tunnicliff's City Hotel, very near the capitol. The establishment of the public offices in this place has given it the air of the seat of government, and all things seem to go on well.

I am particularly pleased with Alexandria. Mr. Lee lives very elegantly, neatly and agreeably there, among his sisters and friends, and among his fine lots of clover and timothy. I scarcely know a more eligible situation. Oh ! that I could have a home ! But this felicity has never been permitted me. Roll ing, rolling, rolling, till I am very near rolling into the bosom of mother earth.

I am, as ever, your affectionate husband,


John Adams