John Adams Letters document,


[Philadelphia] Monday, 15 June, 1795.

Yesterday I dined at Mr. Bingham's with a large company. While at table a servant came to me with a message from Mr. Law, who desired to speak with me in the anti-chamber. I went out to him and found that he wanted to enquire of me concerning a young lady of amiable manners and elegant education, whom Mr. Law and Mr. Greenleaf had found in Maryland, in great distress and a little disarranged, and brought with them to Philadelphia. She is connected with families in Marblehead. I knew nothing of her. Governor Bradford says she has been some weeks in Rhode Island. I sent Mr. Law to Mr. Cabot.

Mr. Brown came in yesterday. He keeps with all the horses at the Rising Sun, between the fourth and fifth milestone in the country, at Mr. John Dove's. His horses are in fine order, but I shall not be in a condition to use them this week, I fear.

John Adams