John Adams Letters document,


Paris, 10 September, 1783.


WE have received from Congress a resolution by which we are to be empowered to negotiate a treaty of commerce with Great Britain, myself, Mr. Franklin and Mr. Jay. This will detain me in Europe this winter. If this letter arrive in season that you can come to me this fall with Miss Abby, I shall be supremely happy to see you. But still things are so unsettled in Congress that you may expect to return with me in the spring. You may come to London, Amsterdam, or L Orient, to either of which places I will soon go to receive you after hearing of your arrival.

It is, however, attended with so many inconveniences that I must submit it to your discretion, with the advice of your friends, whether to come this fall, or stay till spring and then come, in case things should not be so altered as to oblige me to come home then to you. I have written more fully by Mr. Thaxter, who sails the 20th of this month from L Orient, in the French packet to New York. If you come, leave the boys at their school. Bring a maid and a man servant. Leave the place in the care of Dr. Tufts or your father. John is well.

Yours unfailingly,


John Adams