John Adams Letters document,


Paris, 4 December, 1782.


YOUR proposal of coming to Europe has long and tenderly affected me. The dangers and inconveniences are such, and a European life would be so dis agreeable to you, that I have suffered a great deal of anxiety in reflecting upon it. And upon the whole, I think it will be most for the happiness of my family, and most for the honor of our country, that I should come home. I have, therefore, this day written to Congress a resignation of all my employments, and as soon as I shall receive their acceptance of it, I will embark for America, which will be in the spring or beginning of summer. Our son is now on his journey from Petersburg, through Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, and if it please God he come safe, he shall come with me, and I pray we may all meet once more, you and I never to separate again. Yours most tenderly,


John Adams