John Adams Letters document,


[Hague,] 31 August, 1782.

ALL well you will send these papers to some printer when you have done with them. We have found that the only way of guarding against fevers is to ride. We accordingly mount our horses every day. But the weather through the whole spring and most of the summer, has been very dull, damp, cold, very disagreeable and dangerous. But shaking on horseback guards pretty well against it.

I am going to dinner with a Duke and a Dutchess and a number of Ambassadors and Senators in all the luxury of this luxurious world ; but how much more luxurious it would be to me to d ne upon roast beef with Parson Smith, Dr. Tufts, or Norton Quincy ! or upon rusticoat potatoes with Portia! Ah ! Oh ! hi, ho, hum, and her daughter and sons !

John Adams