John Adams Letters document,


Boston, 13 November, 1779.


I HAVE just sent Mr. Thaxter, Johnny and Stevens with the things on board. I shall go with Charles at four o clock. It is now three. I have seen the captain and the navy board, etc. It is proposed to sail tomorrow ; perhaps, however, it may not be till next day. Mr. Dana will come on board at nine tomor row. Mr. Hancock has sent me a card to invite me to go on board with him in the castle barge. Don t make many words of this. Your aunt has given me a barrel of cranberries. I shall make a good use of them, I hope.

Let me entreat you to keep up your spirits and throw off cares as much as possible. Love to Abby and Tommy. We shall yet be happy, I hope and pray, and I don t doubt it. I shall have vexations enough, as usual. You will have anxiety and tenderness enough, as usual. Pray strive not to have too much. I will write by every opportunity I can get. Yours ever, ever yours,


John Adams