John Adams Letters document,


Yorktown, 24 October, 1777.


IT is with shame that I recollect that I have not writ ten you more than two or three letters these five weeks, and those very short. News I am afraid to write, be cause I never know, until it is too late, what is true. From last Sunday to this moment, Friday afternoon four o clock, we have been in a state of tormenting uncertainty concerning our affairs at the northward On Sunday, we had news from the committee of Albany through Governor Clinton and General Washington of a capitulation of Burgoyne and his whole army. To this moment we have no express from Gates nor any authentic confirmation.

Howe has drawn his army into the city, and Washington is at Germantown. Supplies will be cut off from the British army in a great measure.

I am, &c., yours forever.

We shall finish a plan of confederation in a few days.

John Adams