John Adams Letters document,


[Philadelphia], 7 May, 1777.

WE have no news here, except what we get from your country. The privateers act with great spirit, and are blessed with remarkable success. Some merchant ships are arrived this week from Mary land. They were first chased by men of war in attempting to get into Chesapeake Bay. They ran from them and attempted Delaware Bay. There they were chased again, whereupon they again shifted their course for Chesapeake, and got in safe, in spite of all the men of war could do. Thus you sec, we can and will have trade in spite of them, and this trade will probably increase fast. It requires time for the stream of commerce to alter its channel. Time is necessary for our merchants and foreign merchants to think, plan, and correspond with each other. Time, also, is necessary for our masters of vessels and mariners to become familiar with the coasts, forts and harbors of foreign countries, and a longer time still is needful for French, Spanish and Dutch masters and mariners to learn our coasts and harbors.

Yours ever, ever yours.

John Adams