John Adams Letters document,


[Philadelphia], 4 May, 1777.

ENCLOSED with this you will have an Evening Post containing some of the tender mercies of the barbarians to their prisoners. If there is a man, woman or child in America who can read these depositions without resentment and horror, that person has no soul, or a very wicked one. Their treatment of prisoners last year, added to an act of Parliament, which they have made, to enable them to send prisoners to England, to be there murdered with still more relent less cruelty in prisons, will bring our officers and soldiers to the universal resolution to conquer or die. This maxim u CONQUEROR DIE " never failed to raise a people who adopted it to the head of mankind. An express from Portsmouth, last night, brought us news of the arrival of arms and ordnance enough to enable us to take vengeance of these foes of human nature.

John Adams