John Adams Letters document,


Hartford, 2 May, 1775.

OUR hearts are bleeding for the poor people of Boston. What will or can be done for them, I can't conceive. God preserve them.

I take this opportunity to write, by our committee who were sent to this colony, just to let you know that I am comfortable, and shall proceed this after noon. Pray write to me, and get all my friends to write, and let me be informed of every thing that occurs. Send your letters to Colonel Palmer, or Doctor Warren, who will convey them. They will reach me sooner or later. This colony is raising six thousand men. Rhode Island, fifteen hundred. New York has shut up their port, seized the Custom House, arms, ammunition, &c., called a provincial Congress, and entered into an association to stand by whatever shall be ordered by the continental and their provincial Congress. Dr. Cooper is fled on board a man of war, and the tories are humbled in the dust.

Tell my brothers I have bought some military books, and intend to buy more, so that I shall come back qualified to make them complete officers. Write me whether either of them intends to tako a command in the army. I won t advise them, but leave them to their own inclinations and discretion. But, if they should incline, they should apply to Colonel Palmer and Dr. Warren soon.

John Adams