John Wool Letter document,



Department of the Pacific,

Benicia, June 5th, 1856.

To His Excellency J. Neely Johnson, Governor of California.,

Sir: I had the honor to receive last evening your communication of the 4th inst. By Colonel E. A. Rowe.

In reply I would remark that, on examination of the laws of Congress, I find that no person has the authority to grant the request therein presented but the President of the United States. In a recent contest in Kansas Territory, somewhat analogous to that which you state exists in the city of San Francisco, on application, I believe, of the governor of the Territory for arms and ammunition to aid in suppressing it, the President refused to grant them.

Under these circumstances am constrained to decline granting your requisition.

I am, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant

John E. Wool, Major-General.

John Wool