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A different view of family history.

Here is our take on genealogy: Data by itself is seldom useful until it is put into perspective. Once family information is put into perspective it becomes a story and that is when it gets interesting. The bits and pieces that make up a family's story are the letters, journals, and other documents left behind by all of us as we go through life.

Be sure to read a new collection of early Mark Twain Letters, a new collection of letters written by Ulysses S. Grant as well as letters by Abraham Lincoln, and Robert E Lee

Lastest Document Entries

letter J BrooksJ. Tyrwhitt Brooks letter to brother... Long before you receive this you will have heard in England of the extraordinary occurrences which have taken plate out here.
journal J BrooksJ. Tyrwhitt Brooks journal entry... a sad disaster; the best part of the gold is gone - lost beyond a doubt.
journal J BrooksJ. Tyrwhitt Brooks journal entry... After receiving this intelligence, they went to the house of the first alcalde, to consult with him on what steps should be taken to arrest the robbers...
journal J BrooksJ. Tyrwhitt Brooks journal entry... among the loose particles of rock which had crumbled away from the sides of the ravine and fallen to the bottom, several lumps of gold of a much larger size than any we had before met with
journal J BrooksJ. Tyrwhitt Brooks journal entry... On Monday, a council was held as to the propriety of sending another party in search of our missing friend

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